Friday, July 25, 2008

Earth-1 Central Healing Waters Blessing Wheel

In our enjoyment of the gifts of Earth we have established a practice of also polluting its bounty and territory.

As we come to better understand our impact upon the integrity of the cycles of healing of Earth, we have exposed to us the opportunities to establish specific regimens of remediation.

Today, August 1st, 2008, as original peoples from all of the territories of North Turtle Island gather for the North American Indigenous Games in the Cowichan Valley of the Coast Salish Nations, the majority of the custom title holders of lands where an existing open sewage lagoon facility operates through a non-indigenous Joint Utilities Board {JUB} Earth-1 Central is hosting the Stage One of the Healing Waters Blessing Wheel. This event is being conducted in collaboration with Sthuy'shen 'Telew T-hw {STT} and the Peace & Harmony Trust Fund [P&H Trust].

The commencement and direction of the healing blessing will be conducted by Quw'utsun Elder Ruby Peter.

The Healing Waters Blessing Wheel will be conducted through all four seasons. And, during the course of this following year, there will be an unfolding of schedules and events throughout North Turtle Island for the purposes of establishing a uniform Declaration of Original Peoples Environmental Protocol.
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